Welcome to the ATGN dance school, a wide space where the magic of dance is breathable in each corner. Here you will find a place to grow and learn from a playful or a more multidisciplinary, integral way, we help and you choose your way!

Our biggest wish is for the school to be a second home for all the students who spend hours of their day enjoying what unites us:


The classes

Classes are a space where you can learn to dance with an inclusive method by discovering the potential of your body.

Infants begin with a three to six-year-old program of initiation to dance. They can then choose between the multidisciplinary classes that teach at the school in classical, contemporary, jazz, urban or tap dance.

Adults have specific courses for them in the disciplines of:


  • Classic
  • Contemporary
  • Pilates
  • Tap dance

Our students

The dancers in the school are people who want to incorporate the freedom of dance into their daily lives, to enjoy the movement with their teachers and classmates. In children and adolescents, while having a high artistic and personal growth, the curricular rhythm of compulsory studies is always respected to live dance from pleasure.

The team

At the school of dance in Tarragona, the professional team of teachers who are waiting is made up of creative and passionate teachers. We support our students in their progression with positivity, guiding them in the perseverance to improve technically and artistically

Ana Sempere –
Contemporary Dance and repertoire

Ariadna Fabregas –
Jazz & Comercial

Esther León –
Dance initiation, Classical Dance, R.A.D Formation

Natàlia Artero –
Classical Dance, Contemporary Initiation and Jazz

Núria Anglès –
Tap dance

Paula Montalvo –
Jazz & Commercial

Sonia Rico –
Urban dances

Ingrid Solé –
Classical Dance, repertoire and R.A.D Formation

Esther’s vision, words from the School’s director

The movement is a particular part of me from a very young age, I remember my grandmother saying it was like a glass bolley that was just about spinning. Dance for me was and is freedom.

I’m a creative person with fascination for the beauty of my craft and love for culture.

After learning the technique behind a good teacher, training myself intensively and feeling the beating of many collective courses, the dream of running my own dance school has come true. During these years of personal learning, dance has always supported me and I want to share this experience of growth with students, families and teachers to contribute to making the world freer, a world that dances.”

We are part of:

– Association of Dance Professionals of Catalonia. APdC
– Association of Dance Teachers of the counties of Tarragoan. APdCT
– Association for the promotion of dance in Tarragona.


López Peláez n.12 bis, 43002 Tarragona

How to arrive

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 16:30 - 20:30
Saturdays: 10:00 - 13:00


Call us at 977 22 88 52
or at 665 48 83 15