The school and its history

The ATGN project was born from Esther León’s desire to discover a tradition in the heart of the city of Tarragona.

In 1940, the teacher Consol Güell opened the first dance school in the region, in the building declared of historical interest, at 9 López Peláez Street.

The first dance shoes come from the hand of Mrs. Güell and participate in floral games and dance festivals.

In 1975, the sisters Prats and Auqué, students of the teacher Güell, performed in the same studio and inaugurated the Artis ballet academy with a headquarters in Reus under the same name.

Soon the name of the teacher Roser Prats will be linked to the name Artis Tarragona and after 43 years of rigorous and constant work training dancers and teachers of the regions she left a great artistic legacy in the memory of all of them.

In 1995 Esther León began her work as an assistant and teacher at the school to learn the craft from her teacher since the age of six.

After working hand in hand together for twenty-five years in 2018 comes the transfer of the school.

A new stage begins with the luck of being able to move to the fantastic facilities of more than 400 square meters right in front of the old building, on the same street where dance has been breathed for more than eighty years. This is the reason that inspires the new name of the school, which changes because of a legal imperative.

ARTIS TARRAGONA becomes ATGN to keep the Artis A for many years closer to the heart and never forget the importance of roots. The legacy of the province’s first dance school continues with more strength and pride than ever.

Thanks to Consol Güell and especially to Roser Prats, two great women who taught us to love culture to so many generations in Tarragona.

About the space:

The school is a spacious, pleasant space with attention to detail where well-being is breathed. The value of group and friendships created in school are fundamental to us. Our biggest wish is for the school to be a second home for all the students who spend so many hours of their day to day enjoying what unites us: DANCE


We are part of:

– Association of Dance Professionals of Catalonia. APdC
– Association of Dance Teachers of the counties of Tarragoan. APdCT
– Association for the promotion of dance in Tarragona.

“Dance is discovering, discovering, discovering”

Martha Graham


López Peláez n.12 bis, 43002 Tarragona

How to arrive

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 16:30 - 20:30
Saturdays: 10:00 - 13:00

Call us at 977 22 88 52
or at 665 48 83 15